Nexicom’s on-demand conferencing is an easy-to-use service to enhance your business productivity. Fast, efficient on-demand conferencing from Nexicom offers a low cost complete solution capable of hosting up to 20 attendees with no reservations required and no time limits imposed. Simply dial the number of your virtual conference centre and enter your identification code. It’s that simple!

Easy-to-Use Features

  • Recording a Conference - Record your conversations for future review and transcription. Simply initiate system recording through your phone prompt or web interface. At the end of the conference call, your recording will be available in .WAV format for download through your moderator web interface. Easily archive or distribute the audio file via email.
  • Muting - Mute all participants for an important announcement or mute selectively as the topic requires. You can also enable individual participants to mute themselves in the event of line static or background noise.
  • Dial In or Dial Out - Schedule a meeting where partici­pants dial in at a specific time or add participants on-the­fly by simply dialing out during the conference.
  • Lock-and-Roll Call Conference Participants - For enhanced security and no interruptions, you may take a roll call of all conference participants and then lock your conference room once all participants are present.

Regular Usage

Users Monthly Fee One-Time Service Charge
Up to 5 $50.00/month $50.00
Up to 10 $100.00/month $50.00
Up to 15 $150.00/month $50.00
Up to 20 $200.00/month $50.00

Occasional Usage

Users Hourly Fee One-Time Service Charge
Up to 5 $15.00/hour $25.00
Up to 10 $30.00/hour $25.00
Up to 15 $45.00/hour $25.00
Up to 20 $60.00/hour $25.00

Additional Information

To order service or speak to a representative

Call 705-775-NEXI (6394) or e-mail