Digital Telephone

Nexicom Digital Telephone

Digital Telephone represents an exciting new advance in telephone technology.

Instead of channeling your phone conversations over traditional telephone lines, Digital Telephone transmits your calls through your high speed internet connection which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Nexicom is proud to offer Digital Telephone technology to customers alongside its traditional telephone, internet, cable television, and security services.

Consider Digital Telephone and start saving today!


Package Name Features
Digital Telephone 1010 Business Line
10 Free Features
3.3 cents/min Long Distance

Can be bundled with DSL packages.


Included Calling Features
Call Display Name
Call Transfer
Call Display Number
Selective Call Rejection
Call Display Blocking
Three-way Calling
Call Waiting
Call Forward
Speed Calling
Additional Features
Voicemail w/ E-Forward
Distinctive Ring

Additional Information


Digital Telephone 911 service differs from traditional 911 services. Visit our website Terms of Service for more information.


Additional Business Digital Telephone Lines are $27.95 each (or less) with any of the packages above.

Install fees may apply.

To order service or speak to a representative

Call 1-888-NEXICOM (639-4266) or e-mail